Welcome to The Gaydio Academy

The Gaydio Academy is a not-for-profit LGBTQ+ organisation supporting people through educational, skills-based and confidence-building training and support.



  • Ultimately, I can’t speak highly enough of Lee and the Gaydio team for facilitating such an amazing day for the young people. Lee made a massive positive impact on the confidence, communication skills and wellbeing of the young people – thank you so much!

    The Prince's Trust
  • It felt great to be at Gaydio and learning how radio stations operate. I experienced sitting behind the microphone which was fun

    Aliakbar (15) - Student
  • The project that Friends of Dorothy was asked to take part in was great and we have had people come to us for support which is fab!

    Matthew (Friends of Dorothy)
  • Gaydio Academy were extremely kind and understanding. They conducted themselves professionally on a sensitive and emotional topic which doesnt get talked about as much as it should, shining a spotlight on important issues and caring about our community. They were a joy to speak with and Im glad that Gaydio Academy is available as such a resource.